The Stone Gate

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

The Stone GateWhen I read the description of this book, I was expecting a dry and preachy book about recycling and saving the environment. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and was pleasantly surprised.

Jack and Kaya are siblings who are transported into a few different/alternate worlds. Not to put too many spoilers in, but their adventures in these worlds are based around the environment and it’s impact on the people living there. There’s also a magic portal ‘the stone gate’ that they must travel through to visit these worlds.

The book is set in Australia (a beautiful country if you’ve never been). One of the alternate worlds they visit includes a world untouched by man and still populated by Aboriginals. Even though I knew nothing about the Aboriginal culture (until I was finished with this book), I still found this incredibly interesting.

One of the other worlds is a more modern world were pollution has essentially taken over, and is run almost entirely by gangs. Water is scarce because most sources are polluted, the air is bad to breathe, and sickness is everywhere. Food is also scarce because of pollution in the soil, and the ocean is constantly flooding the city that is parked right on the edge of the water. Anyway, you get the picture.

In the end, I enjoyed the book. It was exciting, and a great read to remind us how important the environment is, and how essential it is to our survival.

A beautifully crafted novel, wonderful characters and such a good message!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Hi, I’m Mark Mann, author of The Stone Gate. I live in the small town of Woy Woy on the NSW Central Coast, about an hour north of Sydney, and work as a journalist for a Sydney newspaper. Woy Woy is the inspiration for Baytown in The Stone Gate, a small coastal town surrounded by beautiful national parks and forests (in Australia we call it “bush”). I spend a lot of time bushwalking in these forests. These walks were my inspiration for The Stone Gate.

I grew up in a very different place, London in England. There’s not much bush there. Before I moved to Australia, I used to be a travel writer and journalist. I wrote a couple of travel-related books, The Gringo Trail, about a trip I did through South American, and The Good Alternative Travel Guide, a groundbreaking guide to tourism projects designed to benefit local communities. (This has now been updated into The Ethical Travel Guide). Some of my experiences of visiting tribal communities have informed sections of The Stone Gate. I also wrote a book called The Little Green Guide, with environmental organisation Planet Ark


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