The Grimm Legacy – A Middle Grade Warehouse 13 Meets Grimms Fairytales

I had such high hopes for this book! I’m a fan of Warehouse 13, and the Librarian movies (if you haven’t watched them, you should!). I was expecting some of this to come into the book, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Elizabeth gets a job at an object lending library. Some of the objects are ordinary, like musical instruments you can borrow to see if you actually enjoy playing the tuba, but some are a little more fantastical and some are even magical.

The Grimm Collection is in the basement. Here, objects such as Cinderella’s shoes, the twelve dancing princess’ slippers, the seven league boots (the Grimm’s sure had a thing for shoes!) and the magic mirror from Snow White reside. But someone’s been stealing the objects and replacing them with identical but non-magical fakes!

This is a Middle Grade book, but I found it a cute and fun read. Yes, the character development was minimal, and the plot was a little predictable, but it was so much fun! Like jumping into your favorite stories and seeing them in a new light.

There are so many ‘fun moments’ like tables that magically produce food, and a hilarious situation with the key to the Grimm Collection. These were my favorite parts.

The characters are written to be about Seventeen, but I thought they behaved more like fifteen. There’s a lot of crushing on the basketball star, and some face palming moments where we wonder why they don’t just approach the bad guy, but like I said. It was a cute read.

If you’re looking for a great book to read with a younger sibling, or want to read something light and fun, this is probably the book for you!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Polly Shulman has edited and written articles about books, infinity, edible jellyfish, planets, circuses, and many other subjects for the New York Times, Science, Salon, and many other publications. She is an alumna of Yale, where she majored in math. She puts cayenne pepper in her chocolate cookies and reads forgotten books with frontispieces. In high school she worked as a page at the New York Public Library’s main branch, where the librarians trusted her with the key to the special materials storage cage. She lives in New York City with her husband.


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