The Seeker Must Awaken – A Fast Pace Fantasy Novel

I was given this book for free in exchange for my honest review. (NOTE: This book has gone out of print recently. It might return…)

The Seeker Must Awaken is an interesting book. It wasn’t as long as I expected. The PDF was only 126 pages. It tells the story of Alexa as she discovers secrets about her past, and about people she’s been seeing in her dreams. Turns out it’s all true, and Alexa discovers her heritage, her destiny and joins a group called the Seekers.

I thought the book was good, but I wish it had more details on the characters and their motivations. I really liked Alexa, at times she was spunky, and other times she was quiet and reserved, but I was never able to really connect with her and find out what makes her tick. At the end of the story (I won’t spoil it for you), two characters are talking, and one of them mentions a choice. The choice one character made makes the other upset, but we never know why the first character decided to hurt the first that way.

The story moves very fast. Scenes in the beginning of the book are several pages long, with plenty of detail about setting and location and what the characters are thinking. The second half of the book has scenes that are very short with mostly dialogue to help build tension.

Overall, I liked the book. The writer obviously spent a great deal of time building the world for these characters, and that world sounds awesome! I really want to know more about the characters and what makes them tick. I highly recommend this for teenagers who are just getting started in the Young Adult Genre and who are interested in a fun series focusing on Witches/Donii, fairies, dragons, time travel and evil sorceresses.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Willow A. Renner – YA Author, writer of fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, NA apocalyptic Willow has been furiously working on her three series for many years. She hopes you enjoy reading about the worlds she created as much as she enjoyed building them. In her free time she enjoys designing and making jewelry, soap and candles. She adores writing with fountain pens and loves collecting them. She is very active in the Twitter Writing Community. It is universally known and recognized that Willow is made of awesome.

(NOTE: The author is no longer writing. She may return, or may not.)


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