Star Wars: Lost Stars – Hope for Star Wars is Found!

So everyone kinda knows that I’ve had a pretty bad time finding some good Star Wars books since the release of the new books… The MG books wasn’t bad, but they were short and left me wanting more.Lost-Stars-Cover.jpg Aftermath was a disaster. Heir to the Jedi wasn’t much better. Then I heard about Lost Stars. A YA novel that takes place across about fifteen of the most important years of the Rebellion. Sure, I could get on board with that. I am very happy to say that Lost Stars is TOTALLY worth being a part of Star Wars cannon.

This books follows two main characters (with alternating view points). Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree. The book covers a large portion of their life, from when they first met Grand Admiral Tarkin as children, to training together to be Imperial Pilots. After graduating from the Academy, they split in different directions, and everything starts spiraling out of control. They lose close friends with the destruction of Alderaan and the Death Star. Thane chooses to difect and eventually finds himself a member of the Rebel Alliance. Ciena becomes a Commander in the Imperial Starfleet. Yes, this is a romance, and they struggle with their feelings to each other and their commitments, but this is so much more. This is what every Star Wars novel should be… Fun.

I was convinced this would end up being Romeo and Juliet set in Star Wars. Not at all. There’s very little romance until the last half of the book. They’re just really good friends and know each other really well. Even when the romance comes up, it’s less of ‘he’s dreamy’ and more of ‘but I believe in the Empire, not the Rebel Alliance’. Duty and honor are very strong themes, and I was impressed with how well these characters were structured. Their convictions and beliefs were really important to the story, and everything about their characters supported the role they played.

After the destruction of the Death Star, there were several points I was struck with parallels between that attack, and the attacks on 9/11. The characters talked about where they had been, and the fear of not knowing what was going on. How they couldn’t seem to justify how these insignificant players had somehow reached such power. The emotional connection was there, and so easy to latch on. It was incredibly well done.

My only gripe was the ending. I wish I could have had even a chapter more with the two of them to see how they fared, and what their ultimate fate was. But honestly, if asking for more is my only gripe, they did something really well.

5 stars

I wish I had more stars to give this book. I was captivated by the new worlds and characters. From this unique perspective behind the Empire and the people who make it run. I was genuinely pleased to see just how much passion the Imperials had to their cause. It was so much more than the ‘Rebel Scum’, black cape wearing villains we’ve seen before. These were real people.

I want another Star Wars book like this one!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Claudia Gray has worked as a lawyer, a journalist, a disc jockey, and an extremely poor waitress. Her lifelong interests in old houses, classic movies, vintage style, and history all play a part in creating the world of Evernight.


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