Illusions of Fate: A Historical Fantasy

Illusions of FateI found this book, and was excited because I thought it was just a fantasy book. Then after reading about a page, I realized it was a historical fantasy book. Mind = blown.

Jessamin, our heroine, moves to the country of Albion to attend college. She works at a hotel while she struggles to survive and assure her mother that she’s doing just fine on her own. One night, she runs into our hero, Finn, and things only get awesome from there. Finn’s a magician, but can use real magic to transport, heal, and fight against evil. Jessamin’s been marked though by the mysterious and dangerous Lord Downpike, and is in real danger that not even Finn can save her from. Continue reading “Illusions of Fate: A Historical Fantasy”


The Heir to the Selection Trilogy

The HeirThough America and Maxon are finished with their Selection, their daughter (Princess Eadlyn) is now asked to participate in her own Selection. She begrudgingly agrees, and starts to feel the pressure mounting as she realizes what she’s gotten herself into.

This book takes place twenty years after America and Maxon’s wedding. Things have changed in their world, and mostly for the better. The castes are gone, but rioting is threatening to tear the kingdom apart. To distract them, and in a hope to unify the country, Eadlyn is asked to take on her own Selection. Continue reading “The Heir to the Selection Trilogy”

The Seeker Must Awaken – A Fast Pace Fantasy Novel

I was given this book for free in exchange for my honest review. (NOTE: This book has gone out of print recently. It might return…)

The Seeker Must Awaken is an interesting book. It wasn’t as long as I expected. The PDF was only 126 pages. It tells the story of Alexa as she discovers secrets about her past, and about people she’s been seeing in her dreams. Turns out it’s all true, and Alexa discovers her heritage, her destiny and joins a group called the Seekers. Continue reading “The Seeker Must Awaken – A Fast Pace Fantasy Novel”

The Grimm Legacy – A Middle Grade Warehouse 13 Meets Grimms Fairytales

I had such high hopes for this book! I’m a fan of Warehouse 13, and the Librarian movies (if you haven’t watched them, you should!). I was expecting some of this to come into the book, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Elizabeth gets a job at an object lending library. Some of the objects are ordinary, like musical instruments you can borrow to see if you actually enjoy playing the tuba, but some are a little more fantastical and some are even magical.

The Grimm Collection is in the basement. Here, objects such as Cinderella’s shoes, the twelve dancing princess’ slippers, the seven league boots (the Grimm’s sure had a thing for shoes!) and the magic mirror from Snow White reside. But someone’s been stealing the objects and replacing them with identical but non-magical fakes! Continue reading “The Grimm Legacy – A Middle Grade Warehouse 13 Meets Grimms Fairytales”

The Red Queen – Anyone can betray anyone, especially when you bleed the wrong color!

Never have I stayed up late and got up early to finish a book. I could barely sleep because my mind was spinning with everything going on in this world. Will they live? Will they die? Who will find out? What will they do? It was amazing. I am so relieved to discover this is a trilogy!

Red Queen (Red Queen, #1)The story centers on Mare, a ‘Red’ (someone with red blood) who stumbles upon the fact that she has powers. The weird thing is, only Silvers (someone with silver blood, the elite) are supposed to have powers like this, and she begins to discover just how dangerous they can be. Complete with coups, rebellion, deception and heart, Mare must decide what she believes in, and who she can actually trust in this world of silk and subterfuge. Continue reading “The Red Queen – Anyone can betray anyone, especially when you bleed the wrong color!”